Risk Assessment: The Key to Growth and Mindset as a Financial Advisor in 2021

New year, new resolution. I imagine many of you, #financialadvisors, have already formulated your goals and resolutions for this year. I want to encourage you to do something a little crazy this year:

Start a #revolution in your mindset.

Here is what is going to be different this year for you: You are going to focus on your daily routine instead of the goal/outcome. That doesn’t mean you won’t have a goal or objective…in fact, I am counting on you having one. I have worked with hundreds of financial advisors over my coaching and training career…they all had goals. However, most of them fell far, far, short of their potential in their careers and in the personal lives.

This was because they didn’t focus on developing and then honing their daily routines around mindset. I am not talking about having a better ‘to do list’. I am not even talking about #habits.

The most successful advisors have extremely powerful and consistent routines that govern more than just their time at the #office.

Much like their clients portfolio management, these high performing advisors are guided by principles and systems in how they execute each and every day. At the heart of very intentional mindset system should be something all advisors understand: risk assessment.

Most goal setting and mindset programs I run across are extremely aspirational in nature and very attractive to most professionals (that is why so many of them get paid for and then discarded in the first few months of each year). The very best are only attractive to those professionals that have already decided to change and are committed to finding the best path.

The best path offers the most appropriate amount of risk…just like when developing an investment plan for your clients, when developing your own mindset plan you have to understand how you perceive and react to risk personally and professionally.

For many of you, this is why a routine based mindset program is going to be revolutionary in its effectiveness. You have to believe that the plan is going to work, knowing that the amount of risk associated with success is within your comfort zone, so that you can avoid the knowable variables that will cause you to fail. This first risk factor we call: Belief.

Once you believe in your mindset plan, the second risk factor comes into play and it is a very nasty one: Distraction. You are going to get distracted and off track at at least one point during this year. How are you going to recover from that distraction? Maybe it will be illness/injury for you or a loved one, maybe it will be the loss of a major client, maybe it will be a drastic change in how you do business (Covid-19 anyone?!?). You will get distracted.

The key is to be able to recover quickly from each distraction and then be able to quickly get back on track. This is where a good plan wins based on simplicity and ease of use. If you were following a very complex and difficult daily routine…it would be harder to get back on track. This is why I advise very simple plans that allow for momentum and confidence to quickly build under almost any condition(s).

If you are still reading know this: the simplicity of your daily routine as it pertains to helping you develop and maintain your mindset is the absolute key to growth for any #financialadvisor. In my coaching practice we encourage people to start with their values and then develop simple and almost guaranteed daily tasks (essentials) that they know will make their day productive no matter what happens.

Remember: You must manage your Belief and the inevitable Distractions to have your most powerful mindset executed each and every day.

Most of my clients are #financialadvisors that own their own practice and/or are in leadership positions. They are all responsible for growth in their clients and employees lives. They all understand this one essential truth:

There is a turning point in your career where you can no longer work harder (effort) without making massive and tragic sacrifices everywhere else in your life.

Here is how I help people live a life of their own design powered by their values:

Each and every day I work with the best humans I know: people driven to do the courageous and difficult job of executing a life defined and measured by their values. I do this through individual coaching with high performers that own their own businesses, group coaching with select small businesses and aprivate community coaching experience.

All of these relationships begin the same way: with a conversation about who you are and what your values mean to you. You can’t become a client of mine, in any manner, without having a conversation with me. Whether you represent a large company, or, are a sole proprietor…I won’t take your money until we are both convinced there is a good chance it will work.

Worst case scenario for both of us is this: I will refer/introduce you to someone that will better serve you. If I can be of help, please comment below,  or contact me at mike@valuesbasedmindset.com.

All the best,


Note: I am in the process of writing my second book on #referralbasedsales and if you are a #financialadvisor and are interested in #referrals please feel free to connect with me and reach out via private message. You might end up being mentioned in the book.