What is truth? More importantly, how do I make that decision and then execute on it?

On our Youtube channel, this morning, I created a short video about “What is Truth” and I wanted to encourage you all to go check it out (link below) and also to give you a little context to what I was trying to articulate.

Context: The big problem with successfully navigating a personal (let alone organizational) change process is conflict with current/past identity. That, by itself, is enough friction/obstacle all on its own and we don’t need to add any more difficulty to the process…and yet we do.

When you undertake a change process and you do so without a resilient source of truth…you are building your future on sand and we all know how that works out. Instead, take the time to first discover and explore your values (do the real work) and then first become comfortable with the truth of your current situation. I had to, for example, admit without reservation to myself that I was truly fat and obese before I could actually do something about it. I had ‘known’ I was fat, but, wasn’t willing to explicitly and directly own that truth and was unable to successfully navigate change until I did so.

Once you own the present, you now have a foundation to start working on a change process. This will have one key component for additional success: the question “is it true?” It being (a) the goal/outcome (b) your motivation to undertake the change (c) your process for handling the adversity that a truth oriented perspective will force you to acknowledge before starting.

What are your thoughts/questions. Admittedly, this is a big nugget. However, this is what we know (as coaches) is truth. The short trail is very rarely the best path to any destination.