Mindset: 4 Key Steps To Designing One That Works For You!

Good Sunday To You,

Mindset: the established set of attitudes held by someone.

We all have a mindset…but, unfortunately we are often ‘renting’ someone else’s…quite often that of society in general. We are designed for community and that is usually (especially in primitive times) a really good thing…until it isn’t.

Today, the ‘noise’ from technology and our crazy modern society is, in my opinion and observation, making the process of being intentional about your mindset far more difficult

One reason that is common among my awesome clients in our coaching practice is that they don’t get enough (as a rule) time alone in quiet to think and reflect. This causes them to continually have an attention span that is short and focused on the immediate. That results in a ‘reactive’ mindset that is artificially ‘capping’ their performance capabilities.

I work with my clients on the design of a Values Based Mindset and then help them maintain it. I am not going to go too deep into all the ‘weeds’ of building yours. If you are interested in a deeper dive on that just reach out and we will make it happen. However, I wanted to go over the basics of how to prepare for and design your own mindset in a way that will actually work once you have designed it.

1. Organize. Mindset’s that are intentional need to be organized and prepared for in order to design properly…let alone keep them intact. I highly recommend some sort of planning and/or accountability tool. I recently purchased a Rocketbook to assist me in overhauling my personal Values Based Mindset on my vacation next week. There are 100’s of different ways to do this, but, in the end you need something that you will be writing in, using daily and recording results within.

2. Essentialism. You have to make sure that your intentional mindset is based upon things that are absolutely vital to you and your future. Courage is required in this stage. Don’t think of a million things to drown in mediocrity with here…focus on what is 100% critical. For example, for me it is (1) Faith, (2) Family (3) Fitness, (4) Community and (5) Business. I need to be maintaining and consistently improving my performance in all of those areas to be effective within each when adversity comes calling.

3. Routine. Mindsets that perform according to your values need to have a system of calendar usage that ensures that the elements for success are guaranteed. You need to design your morning and then manage the day if you want to be operating towards your God given potential. Designing the morning is all about what we talked about last week with the ‘non-negotiable’…what are the things that have to happen every single morning no matter what? Those must be on the calendar and they need to be protected with everything you have. The rest of the day is about managing according to priorities. Throw out any ludicrous concepts of balance and focus on what is most important, when it needs to be done and what to do later.

4. Reflection. At least once per week you need to get some #ceotime. This has been the most challenging thing for me. Behaviorally, I love chaos and risk. However, if I don’t take time (scheduled on the calendar and kept as a critical meeting with myself) to stop and think for at least an hour each week…results dip lower and my frustration rises exponentially. This has been one of the best things my clients do throughout the years. Without exception, if they take this time each week they not only work better…they feel better about everything else.

I hope this helps some of you take the step into developing an intentional mindset. I know, from my experience and that of 100’s of clients through the years, that this is the basic foundation of designing your personal mindset.

I have friends that are able to do this on their own. I am not one of them. I, like many of you, need help with course correction. In all humility, a coach that has ‘sailed’ through some storms of their own can be of tremendous help in course corrections that make a difference. I am blessed to have incredible mentors and coaches in my life that help me.

Need some help? The first step is having a conversation about how you have grown your business and how you wish to grow in the future.

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