How to Enhance and Protect Relationships with Clients by Giving Referrals the Right Way

Referral tip for #financialadvisors: How you handle #referrals you give is #essential.

There are three people involved in every quality referral situation (at least) and the leader in the process (and the most at risk) is the #giver. When you give referrals to professionals to work with your clients you need to select the right people and you need to have a system in place to make sure you protect both your client and your reputation.

I recommend, at a minimum, the following steps:

1. Identify potential introduction to help your client.
2. Get permission from your client for that professional to contact them directly. I strongly recommend the phone for this…text/email a distant second. Get a preferred time from your client to have the call made.
3. Let your client know that you will be following up with them and the person you referred to make sure everything goes well.
4. Call the professional and give them the information and get a commitment as to when they will call and ask that they give you an update afterwards.
5. Follow up, no later than 24 hours, to see how it went with both parties.

This is the basic overview of how to #givereferrals safely. This process should be visible and used by all team members.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.

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