The Search for the Right Coaching Client


The Search for the Right Client


So, our website has a different sort of messaging on our contact page…

“If you don’t believe that reading is a key component of getting to the next level of performance, we probably won’t be able to help you. If you do read, or, are open to reading more… Send us a note below.”

We have gotten some push back, initially, on the above statement from friends and associates.  “That is too aggressive!” “You will turn off some people that might want to coach with you.” I agree and its one hundred percent on purpose and that is why, in one form or another, that statement about reading is staying on the site.

Yes, we are trying to make it easy for some prospects to decide not to engage with us.  Why? After 20+ years of coaching I have learned one thing for sure: We can’t help every client and we really shouldn’t even try to if we care about optimal results for coaching clients that choose us as coaches.  

When you try to sell to everyone (or, in marketing terms, message for everyone) you guarantee one thing:  lower perceived value and the inevitable commoditization of your product or service.

Here is the deal:  We, at VBM, are about one thing and one thing only…finding the right clients that we, as coaches, have complete confidence in our ability to deliver improved performance.  Our process requires that our clients be inclined towards being disciplined learners before we start coaching them…not after because improving performance requires, without exception, discipline and focus.  

Can we convince people to choose to read?  Yes. Does it usually result in a coaching relationship that endures and delivers on what the client really wants?  No. There are exceptions and we are amazed and blessed when they occur, but, we will not focus on that as a core clientele…we will just be humbled and thankful.

Here is a little marketing truth for you:  Focus on who WILL be a great client, not on who CAN be a great client.  The more ‘essential’ you become in who you are targeting (based on the level of certainty associated with that client getting great results) the better your marketing will become.  

We focus on people that read to improve performance because our experience shows that they will get better results.  If you are one of ‘those people’ that is continually seeking to improve your brain through reading…you will most likely be an amazing client.  Our process is designed for you, to enhance and accelerate the growth you are already going to achieve because of your current mindset and discipline.  

If you aren’t a reader, but, want to become one…we might be able to help.  Your process for being a coaching client will start with being asked to read 1-2 books and then schedule a 30 minute session to discuss what you learned from those books.  That session will allow you and our team to ascertain whether or not our coaching process is going to work for you or not. We aren’t going to charge you to find out if you will be a good client.

If you aren’t a reader and think we are idiots for insisting that to be a client of ours you need to be and/or become one…you are absolutely correct.  We are not the right fit for you and the great news is there are other coaches and coaching firms that have the skills and experience to help you.

We are not saying that our process is the only way to successfully coach…we are explaining that we have learned that there are specific things that make us great coaches for clients and that our clients disciplined reading is the absolute foundation of our being great coaches….for THEM.

Coaching works, but, different coaches are better for different clients.  Run the other way from any coach that says they can help anyone because of their process.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.