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I first hired Mike when my business was growing more complicated and was demanding more of my time and energy. Mike helped me first to slow down and define and prioritize the values that are truly important to me. Second he helped me to act on and make decisions based on those values.

Mike’s knowledge and process helped me spend more time with my family while significantly growing my business. What makes Mike unique is his driving passion and purpose to help me identify and push through my personal and organizational barriers.

Mike has helped me focus on my mental and physical strength which has led to strengthened relationships and more energy. I have kept working with Mike because there is much more to do in the future and I value his knowledge, insight and his coaching. I would recommend other Financial Advisors to Mike as Mike has the knowledge, experience and tenacity to push forward. Mike is a student of the financial services industry and he is passionate about helping individuals and organizations define and act on what is truly important which leads to greater success.



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I had just started in the financial services industry and needed help growing my business. He helped me to achieve steady business growth over the long-term.

I have kept working with him because as an independent business owner I believe it is important to have someone you can go to for coaching and advice. When it’s your business, it’s easy to get bogged down in the day to day and miss the big picture. Mike constantly provides a clear perspective and a fresh set of eyes.

Mike can think in a way that no one else can. Over the years, I have asked him for advice countless times – both personally and professionally. He seems to always know exactly what I need to hear in the moment (whether I like it or not) and how to relay that message in way that truly helps. He is a master at framing the situation to see and understand what needs to be done, and he usually has an angle that I could not see on my own.

I would recommend other Financial Advisors to work with Mike for a period of time. He will be a valuable asset to your business.



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I first hired Mike because I wanted to transition from being a solo financial advisor to building a financial advisory firm. He helped me to lead my team better and to better my physical health. He tells me the truth, even when I don’t want to hear it.

What makes him unique/different is that he is an unabashed follower of Jesus.

I would recommend other Financial Advisors to contact Mike so he can help them plan for what is next in our industry.



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