Discipline + Values = Life Worth Living


Another post on discipline because I found some really cool stuff from a guy I respect:  Brian Kight.

Brian’s email from this morning was really good and thought provoking.

He explains his core motto:  Discipline is the shortcut

• The fastest path to getting what you want is through more and better discipline.

• Nothing is more reliable in producing results than discipline.

• If the options are one-year, three-years, or five-years . . . which one is the shortcut? What would accelerate something from five years to one year? Discipline. Apply that with any length of time to any objective that requires work.

• Shortcut doesn’t mean skipping steps, skipping work, or skipping responsibilities. It means taking the most direct and efficient path possible.

• Most people avoid discipline because they think it “takes too long” or they get bored. Then end up taking 3x-10x longer to get it done anyway, if they ever do. They look back 10 years and say things like, “If only I started then” or “If only I stuck with it I’d be there by now”. Two years of work feels like a shortcut when compared to 10 years of avoidance and regret.

• You can accelerate yourself down any path toward any objective you want. It’s completely dependent on your discipline. It’s all about which path you choose to take.

Here is the link if you want to see on his website and/or sign up for his daily email:   https://www.dailydiscipline.com/feed/people-have-been-asking-me?utm_campaign=Daily-Discipline&utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=87202691&_hsenc=p2ANqtz–pgjEu6WfQG3xi7mZZtTH0Z-KuoGhArKHIHqzTsIEsah8rdxyCDMOjM6IqFYYtIIfabl6LG7ypi2RBRB3IxZWwpO9BJw&_hsmi=87202691

My take is that if Discipline and Values are symbiotic.  You really can’t have one without the other and you certainly cannot fully benefit from either if you don’t have both.
Values, your core beliefs about what is essential, true and worthy of your life, should assist you in embracing the Path of discipline (Jocko Reference) and having the focus and energy to get better and better at following that path.
Discipline is how you keep developing the practice of performing the daily habits that are necessary to fully live out your values.  Discipline is How you get it done and Values are WHY you do it.
I always have time to help you because you are important to me.  I also have time to help those that are most important to you.  Feel free to let me know of folks that you want me to help and we can figure out a way that works for you and them.