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We have found that the biggest challenge people have succeeding with nutrition or fitness programs is the over abundance of information available. The marketplace often misleads prospective clients about how it really works, focusing instead on the last 5% of the journey (whether in business, fitness or nutrition). This is why most people become frustrated and ultimately don’t reach their potential.

The VBM Approach

Values Based Mindset fitness and nutrition coaching programs focus on individualized plans tailored for each client and developing lifelong skills and habits that create longer and more productive lives through what, why and how we eat.

Nutrition Coaching

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Before signing up for coaching with Values Based Mindset, we want you to have a conversation with one of our coaches. We’re not selling a simple product, we are working with you to make serious changes happen in your life. These changes will happen gradually and professionally over time. As a prospective VBM client, we want to have a 15-minute phone call with you at your convenience.

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