Guaranteed and Quarantined Performance Improvement – Build Fitness at Home


I came across a really good list of the reasons for building out and investing in your own garage gym. I certainly have been blessed by my decision to build ours prior to ’the Rona’ and am so glad that I have been able to loan out as much as I could to some of you locally.

This is not about me saying that you shouldn’t be a member of a commercial gym after we are allowed out again. I am saying that if you are serious about being able to build capacity to perform according to your values you should seriously look at building your own. Your level of physical fitness (ability to perform tasks) is, in my 20+ years of experience business coaching, one of the easiest variables for performance improvement to increase and maintain.

High performers inherently seem to apply capacity built anywhere in their life towards increased performance at work. I haven’t seen too many clients over the decades that achieved excellent physical condition…fail to improve at work. In fact, I have never seen them fail to continue to improve. Since your physical condition is so foundational to performance…doesn’t it make sense to create as much resilience as possible in your systems for achieving that fitness? Enter the home gym.

1. Possessing complete control of your training schedule and location is absolutely amazing. There is no hoping that the gym is open. Your gym is open whenever you feel like it. You never have to wait for a piece of equipment and you never have to squat to Neil Young (I prefer Black Label Society). Weather, sixty hour work weeks, kids’ events, holidays have absolutely no bearing on whether or not you get your training in. When all you have to do is enter your garage, distractions and excuses get eliminated.

2. When you train at home, you don’t have to train alone. Garage gyms generally attract the type of people I love training with and I currently (after the crisis is over) have a group of partners that really love to train hard and are wanting to seek out their best level of fitness. Training in my home gym is by invitation only and the folks who come in have deep respect for my family and my house.

3. I am working out more consistently than ever before. I have a strength coach that I work with remotely to provide for accountability, form checks through video and help getting around injuries and sticking points. I love the fact that my family can come into the gym and I can talk to them between sets. I love that my wife also uses the gym and that it gives us yet another thing we can share together. I no longer have to choose between my family and my training because both can happen at the same time.

There is a tremendous benefit to you having the responsibility of getting your training done. You are in charge of what you do and how well you do it. That consistent discipline and practice will have an exponential impact on the rest of your life.

Our tagline at my coaching practice is “Better Results With Less Regret.” One of the ways that I work on that in my own life is by making sure that I have an effective home gym. I can always choose to embrace my fitness and my family as a result. Feel free to reach out to me at if you have any questions. I do have a .pdf document to share if any of you want to see my thoughts on how to get started building your own home gym.

Why do people hire me? To get to the next level faster and then be able to stay there without massive sacrifice and personal regrets. That, in a nutshell, is our purpose at Values Based Mindset. Our focus is our clients results, their overall health and especially their feeling about their success. Better Results With Less Regret!


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